Digital Content at Scale with Advanced AI-Powered Headless CMS

Distribute omnichannel content and experience at scale. Sync Content with Google AMP, WPA, Apple News, Google News, Google sitemaps, Google Shopping, RSS Feed, Social networks etc. Content analysis, extraction and distribute to multiple channels.

Sync Content across the distribution channels

Sync Content with Google AMP, Apple News, Google News, Google sitemaps, RSS Feed, Social networks.

Translation and Localisation

Turn your content into multiple languages automatically in realtime.

Content Quality and Brand Safety

Identify poor quality content and content harm your brand and SEO.

Syncing Content from your legacy CMS

Gain Insight all the content you have and identify the opportunity to increase the value of your existing content.

Topic and Contextual data extraction

Extract the topics and contextual data from your content. Enrich your content with NLP engine.

Syncing to Multiple Formats

Turn your content into multiple formats: Audio, Video, Shareable social format.

Retina HD Thumbnails Generation

Automatically generate shareable social images and og thumbnails for your pages and articles.

Keywords and Tags Generation

Automatically identify and suggest the keywords and tags for the article to increase the SEO traffic.

Integrate with Transfon UXP

Seamlessly integrate with Transfon User experience platform.